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               BK Tech (Thailand) Company Limited was established in the year 2020 (2020). It started the business of distributing products such as parts, materials, equipment and tools for plastic injection molds (Parts for Plastic Mold Component) used in every industrial factory. type We provide procurement services both within the country and imported from abroad. Our company is a distributor. Import products from South Korea (BUKWANG TECHNOLY, KOREA)

               In 2022 (2022) in the 2nd quarter, the company therefore expanded product distribution to include mold cleaning products and mold maintenance products (Mold Release & Cleaner) in order to cover and respond to customer needs. which consists of Rust protection spray Lubricating spray Mold cleaning solution and multi-purpose liquids, etc. and in the last quarter or the 4th quarter of 2022 (2022) began expanding product categories for distribution. By starting to market products in the category of parts, materials, equipment, and tools for metal stamping (Parts for Press Die Mold Component), which the company We are a distributor Import products from Austria (Voetalpine Camtec GmbH, Linz, Austria) and related parts in a complete manner. To create maximum satisfaction for customers and respond to customer needs in every industry as much as possible.

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